Secondhand Kids Clothes Store Makes The News!

We're very excited to share Monash Leader's article about Calico Babies which came out this week.  

The local paper shared the news about our new online marketplace for secondhand baby clothes as the community is made up of many young families with small children who could use the online shop as well as the selling service.

The paper was kind enough to explain to readers the impetus behind the creation of the store:  "Crystal Wong started Calico Babies to find a new home for high-quality preloved baby clothes after seeing the waste and exploitation of the fashion industry while volunteering in Cambodia."

Our intention was made clear to their audience, "Ms Wong wants to inspire people to buy secondhand first."

And how we do what we do best!  "...offering fast shipping, affordable clothes and a money-back guarantee if customers are unhappy with the quality."

The journalist also shared the service for parents who want to sell their preloved baby clothes "Plus for sellers, Calico Babies collects, photographs and markets the clothing and gives back 50% of the sale price when the item is sold."

Overall, great coverage and a big win for a new small business like ours!

Baby Arya celebrated her new found fame with a small nap whilst mum enjoyed reading the Leader in peace with a real cup of coffee!  

PS:  She later woke up and had a good read of the article which she thought wasn't bad at all!

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